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    SMTPAppender working example?

    Pat Osterday Newbie

      I've just started getting to "proper" logging on JBoss and have our application logging to server.log, and setup a category and such.

      Now I'm trying to get the SMTPAppender working to email me on errors but can't get it to email. Tried setting the Threshold to "INFO" or "DEBUG" to get more emails, but that didn't help. I'm using the "default" JBoss server configuration, editing log4j.xml in the conf directory. Oh, I've tried use both the base SMTP appender config section and the ASYNC section.

      Our app uses the JBoss JavaMail session to send emails, so I know that our SMTP server is working.

      Does anyone have a working SMTPAppender example or pointers in the area? The smtp is localhost and the logs show no activity at all.


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          Pat Osterday Newbie

          Ok, it seems that I must not have checked the sendmail logs well enough, but the emails were being generated, but since the "from" address wasn't valid (the user jboss@mydomain.com didn't exist) the emails bounced. Also it seems to only send out error logs even if the threshold is set to debug or info - which isn't a big deal since that's what I want, but for testing would be nice.

          I'm still getting my feet wet with JBoss logging (and log4j) but so far it is really nice.