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    Question about configure of jboss server in eclipse

    jiang cx Newbie

      I am studing jboss recently.

      I downloaded a zip file named "lomboz-eclipse-emf-gef-jem-3.1RC2" from Lomboz web site. According to its narrate,this is a complete eclipse including all the things to run J2ee.

      My computer is WindowsXp, having a jdk1.4.1 in C:\.Enviroenment parameter is seted up.i.e JAVA_HOME="C:\jdk1.4.1" path=.../bin CLASS_PATH=....rt.jar;...tools.jar.

      Then I download jboss3.2.1 and unzip it to C:\. I set enviroenment parameter: JBOSS_HOME="C:\jboss-3.2.1".

      I startup the boss server online,it is ok.8080 port can accessed by IE.

      After stoped boss server,I run eclipse. From Menu Windows->Preferences->Server->Installed Runtime,then i clicked "Add" button and clicked Lomboz-Jboss. After I selected the Lomboz JBoss-3.2.x, click the "Next" button,but No effect to me and no error message to alert. So I don't know What wrong happend.How can i configure the jboss server by eclipse.

      any insights are appreciated,