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    POJOs getting killed

    Ville Lehtonen Newbie


      I'm having a somewhat strange problem with my application (using either jboss 4.0.2 or 4.0.3, doesn't seem to matter which one).

      There's essentially an application which creates several instances of independent classes (rather database like), which will interact in the future. The application in itself has all of these in two seperate hashtables. Considering the classes have connections that are created in the "setup" (for a test) method, which creates 10 of each and then 60 connections between them. The connections are created from one of the two main classes, which are retrieved from the hashtable before the operation is performed (meaning the hashtable is indeed populated at this point).

      However, once the method is complete and everything should be "populated", the hashtables are, in fact, completely empty. IE trying any future methods will bounce except hashTable.soString, which just informs that the tables are empty.

      It seems obvious some sort of garbage collection is taking place here, but how to stop it?

      Oh and from the applications point of view, EJBs aren't really acceptable. In the real life scenario there would simply be too many of the objects for them to be viable as EJBs (hardware wise).