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    Message Bus Architecture Question

    Brian Vozza Newbie

      Im relatively new to using Message Buses. I have large amounts of data that needs to be passed to a message bus. From there , the data will be stroed into a database. I will be passing xml messages that Im thinking will be broken down into smaller xml messages. That way I wont run into size issues. The messages will be grouped and have a group ID. There are several images that are tied to each message.

      Whats the best way to pass a large amount of data (images + data) through a message bus?

      Should I break it all down and send the images separately on a separate que?

      The message structure is still somewhat up in the air, but I'll have a group ID......a category ID....(there will be many categories within a group) and images. (there will be many images within each category).

      Sorry its so vague...I dont know a whole lot about how to do this...so its hard to provide details.