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    How do I get the JMS example working?

    dornus Novice

      I am trying to run the example shown in "6.1.4. A Point-To-Point With MDB Example". The link is below.


      I am trying to use the example in an ejb3 environment using the 4.0.3 server

      However I cannot get it up and running. I am assuming:
      -ejb-jar.xml and jboss.xml go into the .ejb3 package in the meta-inf directory
      -do I need a file called jboss-service.xml? If I do, what should be in it to make the example work
      -does the client side (Example 6.1.9) go it the .ejb3 file or in the .war file?
      - I added the .sar module to my application.xml file. Are there any other files not listed in this post that need to be altered or added?