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    Not able to connect to VM.

    venkata potturi Newbie

      I had an existing installation of Eclipse 3.0. I followed the steps in the link to JBoss IDE article (link pasted below) to install the Jboss plugin.
      Link: http://www.devx.com/opensource/Article/20242
      I followed the steps for adding the shortcuts and configured the server.
      My problem is that when I try to start the server...Default Server -> Start,
      or use the short cut to start the server, it throws the following error...

      Java Application Launcher
      Could not find the main class. Program will exit.

      and " Error Cannot connet to VM"

      In the console the error is
      java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Files\jboss-4/0/3
      Exception in thread "main"

      If I use "run.bat" from the command line, the server starts off fine though.

      I am running Windows XP Professional, and it did ask me both times if I wanted to unblock the program. I might have clicked on "keep blocking" by mistake for the first option.....and this might be the reason for the error. This occurs even if I turn the Windows firewall off.
      If so please let me know how to fix this.

      Thanks in advance.