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    The requested resource not available. Please help!

    Tom Y Newbie

      I followed the Duke's Bank example in the Getting Started 4.0 guide in Chapter 4 and have compiled and deployed the .ear application with no error messages. I can even run the standalone client application using the run-client target and I can see the data in the database and can store new data in it. But when I run the web client by pointing my web browser to the following URL:


      I got the following error:

      HTTP Status 404 - /bank/main

      type Status report

      message /bank/main

      description The requested resource (/bank/main) is not available.
      Apache Tomcat/5.5.9

      I am running jboss application server 4.0.2 with JDK 1.5. By the way, I can manage the jboss server with the URL http://localhost:8080. It works fine. It seems the web context /bank/main is not configured correctly, but I can't find any error anywhere. Could someone please help? Thank you very much in advance.