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    Please Help with Classpath Problem

    p r Newbie

      I'm trying to deploy a SAR which has a classpath that is outside of the jboss directory so that I don't have to copy my binaries every time I recompile. (My binaries are over 150MB.)
      I'm trying to do this in the following way, which is not working , so I would appreciate info on how to make it work...
      Here is my attemp with changes to the jboss-service.xml :

      <classpath codebase="file://c:/project/bin/" archives="*"/>
      <mbean code="com.****.****.StartClass">

      Note that I have directories in the binary folder that follow the namespace specifications. E.g., c:/project/bin/com/****/****/
      In other words, my binaries are in non-jar form.