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    configuration of Tomcat (not sure)

    Gregory Nazarov Newbie

      I?m trying to setup ScrumWorks (team self-organization); which uses JBoss platform ? IMHO, the problem could be in settings of Tomcat.
      The problem: I have two web servers on my local machine:
      - port 8000 ? Apache 2
      - port 8080 ? ScrumWorks (JBoss)
      From local machine it looks well:
      - I request http://localhost:8000 (or http://domain:8000) and see Apache startpage
      - I request http://localhost:8080 (or http://domain:8080) and see ScrumWorks

      The problem appears, when someone tries to request from Internet:
      - Apache replies correctly from its port
      - ScrumWorks doesn?t reply at all ? ?cannot open the page?
      It seems that ScrumWorks doesn?t listen the port, but why does it reply when I request it from local machine (where it?s installed)?

      I?m just beginning with programming and web-servers, so my description, I suppose, isn?t sufficient, but if you have some ideas about reasons of the problem and the way to solve it, I?ll be glad to know them.