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    hypersonic data file size grows too big

    Hengli Wang Newbie

      I am using JBoss 4.0.2. One thing that I noticed is that the hypersonic data file (localDB.data) grows so big that eventually it reaches its limit (2G), and I start to get JMS exceptions all over the places. However, when I open the hypersonic database management console from the jmx console, and query the number of records in all tables, I generally get 0 records in them.

      Based on the documents, it seems that hypersonic would compact the database when it has 200M free space and the log file reaches 200M. The behavior I saw is that every time when the log file size grows to 200M, the log file size is reset, and the data file size increased by 200M.

      If I run CHECKPOINT DEFRAG from the hypersonic management console, the data file mostly goes right back to 1M.

      Can someone help me on what I did wrong?