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    EJB deployment spec violation.

    Deyan Bektchiev Newbie


      I'm porting an application from BEA Weblogic to JBoss and I'm not really sure how to interpret the error below:

      14:44:44,723 WARN [verifier] EJB spec violation:
      Bean : GuaranteedEventConsumer
      Section: 22.2
      Warning: The Bean Provider must specify the fully-qualified name of the Java class that implements the enterprise bean's business methods in the <ejb-class> element.
      Info : Class not found on 'net.appl.jrisk.util.event.ejb.ejbGuaranteedEventConsumerBean': Unexpected error during load of: net.appl.jrisk.util.event.ejb.ejbGuaranteedEventConsumerBean, msg=javax/ejb/SessionBean

      Since I know that my classes are in the EJB-JAR file and from the message it looks like the EJB deployer cannot find the javax.ejb.SessionBean I don't really see how to fix this.

      On top of that the EJB spec explicitly states that EJB-JARs don't need the javax.ejb classes referenced in their classpath.

      Thanks for your insight,