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    How to compile an inter-jvm ejb standalone client?

    Alan Kubrick Newbie

      Hi, I am a newby in EJB (and in distributed java). My question is a general one : in most of examples found in the web, like the DukeBank example given here, the client and the EJB reside in the same JVM. Suppose this is not the case. Suppose the following configuration :
      1) a HelloWorld SLSB deployed in Jboss application server residing in machine1
      composed of :
      Hello, the remote interface
      HelloBean , the enterprise class
      2) HelloClient a standalone client for HelloWorld residing in machine2
      3)Machine1 and machine2 are in the same local network.
      Now, in the code that invokes methods on HelloWorld, there are references to HelloHome and Hello. Then a simple compilation wont work as the compiler won't find any reference to these two objects.

      How can I cope with this problem?
      Thanks for your help.