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    A real newbie having a real hard fight (initial configuratio

    Dietmar Auferkorte Newbie

      Hi there,

      I just started working in the J2EE area (want to get an better understanding of it).
      Want to run my first own ejb (using the converter example out of the sun tutorial) to get it run on JBoss, trying now for several days without success.

      Started with the maximal configuration, failed because of some security settings, could not find anything to switch it off, anyhow had many many errors while booting the server, so I decided to narrow the problem from the other side, starting with a minimal configuration adding components....

      OK, now I learned that the minimal configuration does not contain the EJB stuff so I wanted to add it, but could not find any information what I need to add to add a certain service (here EJB).

      I will now do it with reinstallation, but I think there must be another solution!

      So the question:

      Where can I find information what I need to do to add certain services to the configuration (e.g. ejb support)?

      Thanks & regards