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    why my jboss start so slowly?

    BiYong Yang Newbie

      I use jdk5.0 and jboss4.0.2. when I start jboss default server in eclipse ide,It will take a long long time to start (take almost 50s), but if I start it from my colleague's computer, it start very smooth and very fast .So I wonder what's wrong in my computer.From the logging message in the console,I just find when just this message appear:

      "22:41:01,203 INFO [NamingService] Started jndi bootstrap jnpPort=1099, rmiPort=1098, backlog=50, bindAddress=/, Client SocketFactory=null, Server SocketFactory=org.jboss.net.sockets.DefaultSocketFactory@ad093076"

      it will wait for a long time then this message appeal:

      "22:43:14,515 INFO [Embedded] Catalina naming disabled"

      Hope someone will help me, thank you