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    the class cannot be resolved

    Luigi Santangelo Newbie

      Hi, i'm Cuspide
      in witch subdirectory of jboss's root directory must I insert the file .java and .class? I wrote a file index.htm and search.jsp. The file search.jsp creates an object colled myObject. In the directory jbossweb-tomcat55.sar/ROOT.war I created my directory myProject. Here, i inserted my files htm and jsp. Then, I inserted my file myObject.java e myObject.class in the subdirectory myProject/WEB-INF/classes. When i go to address http://localhost:8080/myProject with my browser i see the file htm but when i click to link to open the file jsp, an error occour:
      An error occurred at line: 5 in the jsp file: /myProject/search.jsp
      Generated servlet error:
      myObject cannot be resolved or is not a type
      I setted the CLASSPATH but the error remains. I created a file jar but the error remains. In Tomcat it works.
      There is same file that must i configure?
      Can you help me?