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    need help with url for invoking web app

    Glenn Graham Newbie

      i was working thru a sample from the the book JBoss:A Developer's Notebook. in a nutshell, it is a quickie web app that is comprised of a jsp that shows a different einstein quote each time the app is accessed/refreshed. anyhow, it creates a .war file, which is then deployed to the deploy directory under the default server configuration. according to the tutorial, the url to invoke the app is based on the path to the local jboss install, plus the name of the war file, then the name as described in the web.xml file. that is:


      so, the book says to use the URL http://localhost:8080/quote/quote to bring up the app in my browser

      when i do this, i get a 404 error. however, when i just use


      it works. i can see the war file for this app in the deploy directory (it is a file, not an expanded folder structure), and i can also see the expanded version under the tmp folder, as the book describes. but i am unable to figure out why the /quote/quote does not work as the book states it should, but /quote does.

      please help!!!!!!!!!!! thanks.

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          jan Zimmer Newbie

          You mean, because the chapter 2 says:

          The path to use in the URL is based on the WAR file's name and the url-pattern from the servlet-mapping section in the web.xml file. In our case the WAR file is named quote.war and the servlet mapping is quote. This gives us the path /quote/quote, which we put together with the host and port portion of a URL.

          But I think it's false.
          You can report this fault under

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            Glenn Graham Newbie

            if the book is wrong, how then does one go about invoking the web app. ie, is it not based on the war file name (minus the extension) and the servlet mapping? when i hover over the links in the jmx-console, i can see that these apps are indeed invoked with jmx-console followed by the servlet mapping name...not sure why this sample app is different...