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    Configuring/Starting Jboss 4.0.3 in eclipse

    Matthew Hibberd Newbie

      This is a really newbie question....

      I seem to be struggling to integrate eclipse/jboss and lomboz (all latest versions). I think partly due to the fact that development seems have gone a long way since the documentation/tutorials have been updated, especially with lomboz.

      Please dont anyone give me a link to this tutorial: http://www.tusc.com.au/tutorial/html/chap1.html, is too out of date!

      The basic problem is I create a new server definition in eclipse using the complete lomboz/eclipse download. When i start the server (from server view) i get an errors saying: "main class connot be found", followed by "Cannot connect to VM". Ive changed the jre to the jdk to point to the tools.jar and all that stuff, but im obviously missing something REALLY obvious looking at the error. I cannot find single piece of "up-to-date" documentation detailing how to start JBoss though eclipse using Lomboz.

      ANY help (apart from the above tutorial) is much appreiated

      thanks in advance