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    JBoss binds to a different web port each time

    a n Newbie


      I am running JBoss 4.0.3, with Tomcat 5.5 as my servlet server. As of this morning, whenever I launch my web app, JBoss binds the web app to a different port each time (instead of port 8080). The only way I discovered this is by running a "netstat -ab" and trying to hook up to the ports shown.

      Up until yesterday, it worked fine. I have not messed with the configuration in any way. I've looked at the server.xml file, and it still says that the port is 8080.

      I thought there may be a port conflict of some sort, but I can't find another app that is running on 8080.

      Does anyone know how to force JBoss to run on 8080? Or at least report a conflict if it occurs?

      Many thanks!