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    Classloader problem - Spring MVC & Struts

    Tom Lister Newbie

      I 'm getting a classloader error - I've seen some of the other posts re UCL and I'm not sure thats the problem exactly.
      I have one war file, and an application jar. Spring MVC can see the class in the jar a Struts action within the same jar cannot.
      Some tracing has shown my two web classes are not using the same classloader - does anyone know a reason or solution for this?
      Spring MVC is using
      18:55:56,953 INFO [EntityTypeFormController] classloader = WebappClassLoader
      delegate: false
      ----------> Parent Classloader:

      Struts in Spring is using
      18:56:06,687 INFO [MaskRequestProcessorImplementation] classloader = org.jboss.mx.loading.UnifiedClassLoader3@19e9da7{ url=file:/C:/Javawork/jboss-4.0.3SP1/server/default/tmp/deploy/tmp6098TP-0.1.ear ,addedOrder=46}

      any ideas people? Its driving me nuts