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    E-commerce packages

    Richard Wallace Newbie

      I'm going to be getting into some e-commerce related projects at work and am wondering what are the best open-source and commercial e-commerce packages out there for Java. The most popular ones I've found so far are osCommerce and Drupal E-commerce which are both PHP based. Really the only Java package I've found is Elastic Path and it has the drawback that it's commercial. It also seems to be overkill for what I need.

      We're not really going to have an online store, at least not yet. The site is not product based, it's service based. So, we need the ability for people to signup with a credit card or other form of payment and to do recurring billing. A simple subscription service.

      I'm not against rolling my own, but I'd like to find out what's out there before I dive into something like that. What are everyone's experiences with e-commerce Java packages? Got any good pointers?