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    XDoclet Error

    Dochiny Wade Newbie

      I am setting up the JBoss IDE through the tutorial. I'm setting up the XDoclet Configuration, but when I try to run it, I get an error. It looks like this:

      java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: xjavadoc/ant/XJavadocTask (Unsupported major.minor version 49.0)

      Can anyone give me any tips?

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          Dochiny Wade Newbie

          More Details

          When I opened up the xdoclet-build.xml file, this is the line that came up with a problem. The caption said, "Task could not be defined within the Ant Editor context."

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            Bruce Scharlau Newbie

            Whenever you see the 'major.minor version' error it means that you have incompatible JVMs. Chances are that you've not set up your project to use JDK 1.5, and XDoclet is set to use 1.4, or something of that sort.

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              Brian Viveiros Newbie

              Hey littledochy, did you ever resolve this? I'm having the same problem.


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                anuj_patel Newbie

                hey littledochy and bviveiros i had the same problem
                Try downloading xdoclet 1.2.3 from the xdoclet's official site (dun remember the url)...now in tht there would be a lib folder which would contain jars for xdoclet.
                Add those jars in your build path and you would be on ur way :)
                all the best n lemme knw if u need more help

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                  Stephen Parry Newbie

                  I am having same problem. Have not checked, but according to this post, JDK 1.5 is required:

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                    Stephen Parry Newbie

                    OK, I have a way round this one but it's not easy.

                    Basically there is one jar compiled with 1.5 instead of 1.4 that I have found so far. It does not use any 1.5 features itself, although it allows javadoc generation for 1.5 source code! It can therefore be readily recompiled for 1.4. Here are brief instructions.

                    PLEASE NOTE: ignore all references to Maven in the release notes etc for xjavadoc. The Maven build appears to be totally broken with all versions of Maven. Use cvs and ant.

                    Use CVS to get the source for xjavadoc:

                    md /cvswork
                    cd /cvswork
                    cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/xdoclet checkout -P -D "2005-06-11 12:33" -- xjavadoc

                    Hit enter for the password.

                    Ensure you have Ant 1.6.5 on your system
                    Ensure you have junit.jar from junit3.8.1 on your classpath or in %ANT_HOME%/lib
                    Ensure your 1.4 java runtime is the first on the path etc.
                    execute ant to build the jar:

                    cd /cvswork/xjavadoc

                    If all works you should get:

                    rename it to:

                    copy it over the one in %ECLIPSE_HOME%/plugins/org.jboss.ide.eclipse.xdoclet.core_1.5.0.RC1

                    BEWARE: I have only conducted the most cursory testing on this patch, but xdoclet now runs where as before it did not.

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                      rahul sood Newbie

                      hey anuj
                      how did you fix this error

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                        Kumarasamy Shanmugam Newbie


                        Download j2se 5.0 and get it installed with the run time.

                        Startup your Eclipse IDE.

                        After that right click on to your project and choose properties, in the tree choose the Java Compiler and in the right pane Enable project specific settings, then select the JDK Compliance to 5.0, select Use default compliance settings.

                        This is the new configuration setting, hence there will be a message down the pane asking to configure the JRE, from there you are moved another dialog, where you are asked to give a name for the JRE and to browse to the new jre home, once selected you will get all the libraries related to it. Click ok, will return your project properties.

                        Now choose the Java Build Path from the tree, then open the libraries tab, then remove your early jre1.4 and select the new jre5.0 then click ok.

                        Now go to your project right click and click Run XDoclet.

                        this will will run and generate your required files.

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                          anuj_patel Newbie

                          ey rsood. I hope you downloaded the xdoclet1.2.3 package from xdoclet's official site. When you get this package then, right click on your project, click on properties. Go to java build path. Here in the Libraries tab click on Add Library Button. Select User Library Option here and click on next. Then click on User Libraries Button. Then Click on New button. Give the name of Library 'Xdoclet1.2.3' (It can be anything you want.).
                          Select the library that you have made and then click on Add Jars button.
                          It would open up the file dialog. Go the the path where you have stored the xdoclet's package and in one the folders of that package you would find the jars that are needed. So go to that folder and Select All jars.

                          After this library is created click on OK. Then it would go back to 'Select a library' step of the wizard. Select the newly created library AND MY FRIEND YOUR PROJECT WOULD GET ROLLINGGGGGG.

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                            Natalia Kott Newbie

                            I was able to resolve this problem by following instructions from Keving: