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    Jboss Startup Fails

    James Kemp Newbie

      Hi to all,

      I have a question for the forum.

      I am using Solaris 10 with Oracle 10gR2 Standard Edition on a Sun Blade 2500 Sparc platform with Compiere 2.5.3a Installed.

      After many errors getting the database up and running all seem well until I tried to start the Application Server jboss.

      The database server went okay (RUN_setup.sh), enviroment check went okay (RUN_Env.sh), and create database completed with success (RUN_Import Compiere.sh).

      Now I'm stuck at the application server (RUN_Server2.sh). It keeps throwing error "opt/sfw/Compiere2/jboss/bin/run.sh: syntax error at line 52: 'end of file' unexpected." I open the run.sh file and there is nothing on that line. Why or what would cause the file to end unexpectively?

      Can someone suggesst what might be causing this error? Any man files or documentation in this area?

      Any help would be greatly appreciated,