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    Questions for application deployment

    MAUPIN FAbrice Newbie

      hello everybody,

      i've deployed a application (.ear file) under my jboss server.


      this application point to a database SQL Server (database in other server).

      how can i do if i want deploy for example 3 times the same application under the same jboss server (every application point to a different database SQL Server) ?

      Which Jboss configurations files must be modified ?

      actually, 4 enterprises used my application and there are 4 jboss servers with my application : 1 jboss server per enterprise !

      it's not good !

      i want one jboss server with 4 applications (the same application deployed 4 times) : every application which point to a different database SQL Server.

      can you help me please.

      thanks for all.