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    save and retrieve file out of application server ?

    Mark Thien Newbie

      Hi guys,

      For instance, I got a directory w:/images which is map to the other server directory. So when user upload images, all the images will store to this folder instead of folder under http://localhost:8080/abc/images inside application server. Is there possibility that I can link http://localhost:8080/abc/images to w:/images ? I guess app server would not able to detect a folder (http://localhost:8080/images) that is link/shortcut to other folder (w:/images). In addition, when user from other machine try to view an image save under w:/images, access will be denied. I am trying this under windows xp ! Anyone done this in Unix/Linux pls kindly let me know too. Appreciate any help ! Thanks in advance !

      deeply apologize if this is not an apropriate forum to talk about this topic !