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    war file load order

    Steve Mosley Newbie


      We have and EAR file which contains 4 war files.

      We would like one of the WAR files to be top in the AppContext hirearchy for these 4 Wars. But when the ear is deployed the WAR's are just deployed alphabetically. Is there a way to override this in the application.xml for the ear file.
      I keep seeing references to load order around the web, but not sure if this is supported in JBoss and not sure of the syntax

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          Steve Mosley Newbie

          After thinking of better search terms, I see this is a hot topic ....

          I see one post that talks about using would I be able to do this for the war files? Ie make 3 of the war's depend on the fourth?

          Thanks in advance for any reply

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            Poyan Gerami Novice

            u can use PrefixDeploymentSorter, you put all 4 war files direct under deploy. and put one prefix order.


            and jboss deploy the archive in that order.
            Non-prefixed packages are deployed before prefixed packages

            That is not the default behaviour in jboss.
            The default deployment-ordering-policy is defined in conf/jboss-service.xml, you most uncomment PrefixDeploymentSorter.

            / Poyan