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    Every Deploy Is A 404


      Hi folks,

      I am having some headaches with JBoss 4.0.3SP1 -- I have installed an 'all' configuration and can start the service without any errors, and I configured the JBoss IDE. At first I thought my issues were due to the recentness of the TrailBlazer IDE. However I've discovered that I cannot deploy a simple one-off "Hello, World" style servlet page without receiving a 404 error. I can deploy the same application in JBoss 3.x with no incidents. I configured the packaging and I'm sweating buckets trying to get to square one with this. I receive no deployment error, my web.xml is in order, my file tree is intact, and I followed the 4.0.3SP1 installation according to the trailblazer. Can someone suggest something? I'm using the trailblazer's "root" directory setup (jdk, jboss, eclipse, workspace on c: root) in case anyone has a working example that uses the same structure. I'm on my second week of trying to configure this properly.