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    Help with Oracle Datasource for JBoss 4.0.3SP1


      Hello all,

      Now that I'm up and running I'm attempting to override the defaul HSQL data source to Oracle 9i.

      From what I've gathered from documentation, I have created an oracle-ds.xml file based on the template and dropped it in my /deploy/ directory.

      I also modified standardjaws.xml and standardjbosscmp-jdbc.xml in my /conf/ and placed copies of these files without the 'standard' wording into a META-INF file in my .ejb3 file.

      Deploying works fine but it's still picking up the default datasource as follows:

      15:23:31,437 INFO [ConnectionFactoryBindingService] Bound ConnectionManager 'jboss.jca:service=ConnectionFactoryBinding,name=JmsXA' to JNDI name 'java:JmsXA'
      15:23:31,656 INFO [ConnectionFactoryBindingService] Bound ConnectionManager 'jboss.jca:service=DataSourceBinding,name=OracleDS' to JNDI name 'java:OracleDS'
      15:23:31,781 INFO [JaccHelper] Initialising JACC Context for deployment: qas.ejb3
      15:23:32,062 INFO [Ejb3Deployment] default entity manager name: qas
      15:23:32,250 INFO [Environment] Hibernate 3.1
      15:23:32,265 INFO [Environment] hibernate.properties not found
      15:23:32,265 INFO [Environment] using CGLIB reflection optimizer
      15:23:32,265 INFO [Environment] using JDK 1.4 java.sql.Timestamp handling
      15:23:32,500 INFO [Ejb3Configuration] found EJB3 Entity bean: org.XXXXX.XXX.XXX.beans.entity.User
      15:23:33,406 INFO [Configuration] processing extends queue
      15:23:33,406 INFO [Configuration] processing collection mappings
      15:23:33,406 INFO [Configuration] processing association property references
      15:23:33,406 INFO [Configuration] processing foreign key constraints
      15:23:33,468 INFO [Configuration] processing extends queue
      15:23:33,468 INFO [Configuration] processing collection mappings
      15:23:33,468 INFO [Configuration] processing association property references
      15:23:33,468 INFO [Configuration] processing foreign key constraints
      15:23:33,703 INFO [ConnectionProviderFactory] Initializing connection provider: org.hibernate.ejb.InjectedDataSourceConnectionProvider
      15:23:33,718 INFO [InjectedDataSourceConnectionProvider] Using provided datasource
      15:23:33,734 INFO [SettingsFactory] RDBMS: HSQL Database Engine, version: 1.8.0
      15:23:33,734 INFO [SettingsFactory] JDBC driver: HSQL Database Engine Driver, version: 1.8.0
      15:23:33,812 INFO [Dialect] Using dialect: org.hibernate.dialect.HSQLDialect

      Should I be attempting this another way?