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    Proper location for .properties files for an EAR

    Karan Newbie


      I am using JBoss 4.0.1RC1 on a WinXP SP2 machine with JDK 1.5.0_06.

      I am currently working on a J2EE application which has an EJB jar, a client JAR and a web-app WAR compiled into an EAR file. Now these classes use several properties files. These properties files are currently jarred into a properties.jar and placed into the WEB-INF/lib dir of the WAR. The whole setup works fine and all the files are able to pick up the properties.

      However, this solution is not feasible if this application is to be deployed to another machine. For every machine the properties will change and so the EAR will have to be build again and again everytime the properties have to change. Do you knwo of a way to solve this problem? What is the best location for the properties files so that they are in the classpath of the classes in the EAR without having to jar them up? I tried putting the properties in the deploy/ dir, but that doesnt work.

      I also tried putting them in the data/app directory but the application does not pick up the properties implicitly.

      Please help. Thanks.