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    Mark Strivens Newbie

      I am using Eclipse 1.5 RC2 (suse linux 10.0)

      I am trying to create a simple project containing a number of servlets.

      Here's what I do:
      - create the j2ee 1.4 project
      - create the xdoclet support, create the packaging support (using the package explorer properties)
      - create a package under 'src'
      - create a servlet & compile
      - run xdoclet to make sure web.xml is correct
      - run the packaging option

      When I run packaging, to create a '.WAR' file I get the following message (see below) - there is no META-INF or MAINFEST.MF file. I know I need these where/how are they created - what have I missed out in creating my project?

      Help greatly appreciated, Mark

      Buildfile: /home/marks/documents/ecl-workspace/chip/packaging-build.xml

      /home/marks/documents/ecl-workspace/chip/packaging-build.xml:5: Manifest file: /home/marks/documents/ecl-workspace/chip/src/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF does not exist.

      Total time: 877 milliseconds