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    Another list of questions and opinions

    Jason LeBouef Newbie

      OK, I first started using OpenXchange as an option for a web presence portal that I could use and build both personally at home and develop for my work as well. Our work is currently using Jboss for other application and it was came to my attention that Jboss Portal may also provide the same options as OpenXchange. Problem is, Im extremely new to JBoss as well as java development. So there's a lot to be missed because of my inexperience. Here are my questions

      1. Has anyone use OpenXchange? Is there a JBoss alternative that would provide the same portlets (or options such as - Pin Board, calender, task, file repository, forums, project management, and knowledge base)and customizable enviroment?

      2. I understand that Hibernate is used in Jboss (perhaps just Portal) as a database for file collection so why can other bundles use MySQL and Postgresql, etc....

      3. Is CMS and alternative to a WebDAV enviroment? If its note what is? If it is? Why can't I download that files I've uploaded?

      I think that sit....

      I appreciate your help.