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    JBOSS with Remote Linux Machine

    sam bhat Newbie

      I am new to JBoss and Linux.

      I installed JBoss on Remote Linux machine.
      From my local machine I am connecting to remote Linux machine using telnet and
      starting the server using run.sh script.

      I deployed my application on this server it works fine.My problem is -
      When I disconnect myself from this remote machine(close telnet window)
      the server stops.

      I want server to be running on this machine all the time.
      Do I need to make changes to jboss-service.xml file.

      I am stucked.I will really appriciate if someone helps me out.


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          Martin Hejl Newbie

          Hi sam74,

          you should start your server the "proper" way (by putting it into a startup script that's loaded automatically) - how exactly that's done depends on your Linux distribution.

          The quick way to get around that is to simply start your server with "nohup" - so "nohup run.sh -c whatever"

          I hope that helps.