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    Client blocks while accessing JBOSS4.0.3SP1

    Anuj Shah Newbie


      i have a client server environment set up and the server version is 4.0.3SP1. Now I run into a situation here.

      Suppose I am logged in my client using a particular user and pswd, then I execute a task which takes a couple of minutes to run. This task is handled by a stateless session bean, involves querying a web service for some data and then finally updating the database with retrieved value and displaying them to the user.

      Now if i try to log in again, using the same user and password but a new client instance, i do not get any exception thrown, however my client simply blocks and waits till my first task was completed.

      The moment my execution task is completed, my login goes through and i get access to my client environment.

      Also if I were to create two separate instances of my client environment and login using the same user, i can do that. That is to say that I can have two sessions for the same user operating simultaneously, but i am sure if i try to run any tasks, then they'll be blocked until the first executed one completes.

      I am quite confused with this operation. Also I am kind of a beginner in this regard.

      We need to get this problem sorted out soon, I appreciate any pointers or help in this matter.