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    JBoss and Java server faces

    Louise Liddell Newbie


      i am using JBoss and would like to create applications that use JSF functionality. I downloaded jboss-portal-2.2.0-bundled - is all JSF support already enabled in this package? Are there any extra jars that I have to add to my server's lib directory?


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          Louise Liddell Newbie

          On starting the server I see the following output:

          10:46:29,125 INFO [FacesConfigurator] Reading standard config org/apache/myface
          10:46:29,171 INFO [FacesConfigurator] Reading config jar:file:/C:/jboss-portal-
          10:46:29,187 INFO [FacesConfigurator] Reading config jar:file:/C:/jboss-portal-
          10:46:29,250 INFO [FacesConfigurator] Reading config /WEB-INF/faces-config.xml
          10:46:29,281 ERROR [LocaleUtils] Locale name null or empty, ignoring
          10:46:29,281 INFO [RenderKitFactoryImpl] RenderKit with renderKitId 'HTML_BASIC
          ' was replaced.
          10:46:29,296 INFO [MyFacesGenericPortlet] PortletContext 'C:\jboss-portal-2.2.0
          -bundled\server\default\.\deploy\jboss-portal.sar\portal-core.war\' initialized.

          Does this mean that I can develop jsf applications without having to worry about anything on the server side?