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    Deployment of Portlets(made in SunStudioCreator2) on JBOSS P

    Saurabh Newbie

      Hello people,
      I want to know these things, please acknowledge:

      1. I want to deploy the portlets (created in SunStudioCreator2) on JBOSSPORTAL2.2.
      Information: The portlets in SSC2 have a sun-webapp.xml file in WEB-INF folder of the war directory along with other XMLs like faces-config.xml.
      Do i need to add the JBOSS specific XML's to the existing war directory and remodify other XML's too?

      The portlets in SunStudioCreator2 uses the API's like FacesPortlet. I didnt found the direct import statement of "javax.portlet.*" on the simplest portlet on this Software. How do I provide API information while shifting on to JBOSSPORTAL 2.2

      2. Do JBOSSPortal2.2 support the JDK1.5.0* version of class files?
      Information (On compiling the portlet java file of a test portlet with Java 1.5.0, the server gave UnsupportedClassVersionError. It was rectified when i recompiled it with Java1.4.*).
      Was it due to the Java version or some other case?