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    Connection is broken

    Luis Molina Newbie

      I'm a JBoss/J2EE/EJB newby.
      I'm implementing a project manager as a homework with struts using sessions ejb and something satrange is happening: I'm using an small hypersonic database, and, when I was not using EJBs (just struts), it worked fine, but now, when I try to perform a select action on the database it throws a SQLExcetion ("Connection is broken"). I'm sure the connection is fine, because of debugging, in fact, the exception is only throwed in select action, (inserts and updates worrks fine)... here's some code:

      This works fine:

      Statement s = cnn.createStatement();

      String sql = " INSERT INTO USR_USER VALUES ('1','1')"


      This does not:

      Statement s = cnn.createStatement();

      String sql = " SELECT USR_ID, USR_PASSWORD " +
      " FROM USR_USER " +
      " WHERE USR_ID = '"+ id + "' AND"+
      " USR_PASSWORD = '" +password + "'";

      ResultSet result = s.executeQuery(sql); // <-- this is where the Exception is thrown

      Thanks in advance,