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    JBoss 4.0.3SP1 / XDoclets / Eclipse 3.1.2

    Holger Schoenen Newbie

      I use Eclipse 3.1.2 and Eclipse/JBoss devel. plugin 1.5.0 together with maven2 and I have some problems:

      1.) To include taglib definitions I use the file MyMergeDir/taglibs.xml. This file is copied "as is". But as there are severel tags in it (for struts) I get a XML syntax error, as this file (taglibs.xml) ist automatically syntax checked (by whom?). If I surround these tags e.g. with , this file is ok, but the web.xml is wrong, and I manually have to remove the tags. (With only 1 taglib it works fine!) Is there a way to avoid syntax checking of the taglibs file? Or can I use another not -.xml file name?

      2.) To use web security there have to be some further definitions in web.xml. For the <security-constraints> I can use the file web-security.xml, which is syntax checked too. But where do I have to place the other definitions? I use struts action servlets, and the xdoclet @web.ejb-ref ... work fine, but @web-security-role... does'nt work. I can manually change my web.xml, but, of course, after the next run of xdocklets all my changes are removed.

      3.) I am behind a firewall and the xml parser (of the JBoss plugin) tries to find dtd's behind the firewall. Where can I make the settings for the firewall? With maven I have the same problem too! For maven I have a settings.xml with the firewall definitions, wich works, when I use maven as a command, but not with the eclipse-maven-plugin; but this (maven) is not a problem of JBoss-plugin (off topic!).

      Mny thx if someone could help or give a hint.