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    <rich:modalPane> / Refresh, F5 Problem (Bug?)

    Simon Newbie

      Hi there!

      I recently migrated a complex web application from RichFaces 3.0.0 to 3.1.1.
      Among other things I was very happy about the new attribute "showWhenRendered" of the <rich:modalPane>!

      But there is still a problem with the saving of the position when refreshing the page (F5). It's always 0,0 for the center of the ModalPane.
      More precisely: the ModalPane have no initial position set, which makes it appear right in the middle of the screen - which is very nice to have! But as soon you are refreshing the page (via Browser), it seems that the "center-me-if-i-have-no-position-set-method" won't be called.

      Does anyone else have the same Problem? Do I miss s.th.? Is it perhaps a bug?

      Besides: does anyone else have Problems with <a4j:commandButton> and <a4j:menuItem> after a Browser initiated refresh?
      They just execute the client stuff - but the actionListener on the server side won't be executed. That does not obtain for all buttons, but most. I couldn't find any reason for that.

      Any help or ideas are highly appreciated.