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    Unit testing the Hibernate MBean?

    Scott Balmos Newbie

      Hi all,

      I need some pointers for how to properly unit-test my DAO layer with the Hibernate MBean in JBoss. How does everyone else do it?

      Do you have a separate MBean config file for a Hibernate MBean which uses the HSQL in-memory database? And that test suite is somehow activated via some special servlet address?

      I'd prefer to have the test suite run independent of JBoss, and not requiring deployment. I guess that would require me to maintain a separate Hibernate configuration and everything, which would be painful considering I have 100+ entity classes. But if I have to do it this way, I'll deploy the webapp to a separate copy of JBoss I'll set up as a test sandbox. Though that still leaves how to actually start the test suite running.

      What's everyone's general recommendations? I saw there was a very small blurb on the Wiki, but that was not very useful.