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    Where does JBoss fit in?

    Peter Ullah Newbie


      Im new to j2ee development and have a few questions, if anyone can help!

      Basically how do the various J2ee technologies fit together/complement each other?

      As I understand it, we have application servers such as JBoss (....and WebSphere, BEA etc)

      but products like Spring also exist, which dont appear to be App Servers, but do provide Messaging, EJB alternatives etc, and various other features which JBoss provides so is Spring a replacement, or does Spring offer some of the features of JBoss, but still requires an application server to host the services?!!?!?!? very confusing for me.

      Also..... there are many presentation technologies such as JSF, JSP, Struts, and Spring(?) but how do they get supported by an Application server, can you use all of these technologies with JBoss?

      Do all Application Servers provide a proprietary implementation of the J2ee standard technologies?

      I just need a place to go where I can get a "big picture" overview of how all of this fits together!

      Can anyone help me?

      Thank you