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    JBoss 4.0.4RC1 - no Web Console

    Richard Knechtel Newbie

      I have installed JBoss 4.0.4RC1 on Red Hat Linux the web-console.war directory is under:
      But when I try to access it via:
      I get:
      HTTP Status 404 - /web-console/

      type Status report

      message /web-console/

      description The requested resource (/web-console/) is not available.
      Apache Tomcat/5.5.12

      How do I get the web-console to run? I have been searching through the documentation, searching the JBoss website and haven't been able to find a reference for running this.

      Any help would be apprieciated.

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          Naomi van Roosmalen Newbie

          I'm not sure if this is solution is applicable to your situation, but I was having trouble with the web console as well in Windows XP. Here's what I did to fix it, it may be something you can try.

          Create a new file called applet.jsp with the following contents:

           <!-- An empty refresh value disables the background refresh thread -->
           <param name="RefreshTime" value="">
           <param name="SessionId" value="<%=request.getSession().getId()%>">
           <param name="PMJMXName" value="jboss.admin:service=PluginManager">

          1. stop the container
          2. Copy the file applet.jsp to <jboss-home>\server\default\deploy\management\console-mgr.sar\web-console.war\
          3. Copy jboss-common.jar from <jboss-home>\lib\jboss-common.jar to <jboss-home>\server\default\deploy\management\console-mgr.sar\web-console.war\
          4. restart the container

          Good luck, hope this helps!

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            freak hagga Newbie

            Yet-Again No web console, and about 50 posts all with different ideas on how to fix it.

            Gee, how about 1 friggin How-To-Fix-WebConsole from jboss peeps?

            C'mon, i see posts going all the way back to 2003 on this, yet 4.0.4.GA don't work either, the applet.jar issue with IMarshalledValue that is...

            Lets do it, right here, right now: How-to-fix-webconsole?

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              freak hagga Newbie

              Also, lets talk a little about the web-console, and about jmx-console ...

              Plz my brethren jboss folks, take a moment and look at your console design, maaaan ... you couldn't pay me to make such ugly azz stuff.

              Its like you were hit over the head with a club as you coded up the page.

              Or you were paid to make it as lame as possible by brilliant anti-aesthetes.

              Or you're sense of style is so out there that only a cyclop with bifoculs would enjoy it.

              Which one is it buddies?

              I suppose the $250ML from redhat didn't acquire you a couple of mac guys in black tshirts that could do this stuff in their sleep...