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    where can newbies start?

    rbg rbg Newbie


      first and foremost i would like to state that i have absolutely no experience programming other than an introduction to visual basic course that i took years ago. I would like to get into the programming field, and have a friend who once advised that i learn jboss, or websphere and weblogic. I am not sure where I should start. I've been to a couple of websites that offer training for 4 days or so but they cost a few thousand (seems strange) and so I figured I would come on the board and perhaps get a better understanding as to whats the best way to learn. I appreciate any input and advice.

      Thank You all
      Very enthusiastic...

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          Asif Iqbal Newbie


          I just recently started learning Jboss aswell, I can tell you the steps I took.

          First learn Java 2 - get yourself a good introductory text on Java 2.

          Secondly get an introductory text on J2EE I used sams J2EE in 21 days, but there are others have a look and see what style you like.

          When you've gotten a good grounding in Java and J2EE you will have a better understanding of what you want to do. This is where I am, now im learning to deploy application on JBOSS/ECLIPSE - starting with basic ones. I intend to focus mainly on Servlets, JSP and JBOSS. But i still want a good grounding in EJB's.

          But I will stress, that J2EE is massive from what I have seen - so focus on areas you want to further enhance.

          More senior indiviuals will probably give you better advice.

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            Scott Stark Master

            Start with the docs section after learning java sufficiently: