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    Source Not Found

    Asif Iqbal Newbie


      I have a problem with Eclipse and Jboss, everytime I run my SessionBean example it brings up the page for Source Not Found,

      "Source attachment does not contain source for the file ClientContainer.class "

      when debugging, I carry on resuming it and it prints the correct result. So im not sure why its doing this

      Anyhelp would be welcome.

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          Asif Iqbal Newbie


          Well I have pointed the source to "jboss-client.jar", and now seems to run fine in java perspective in Eclipse.

          However in debug mode when i step through I still get the message of Source not found attach source. Any ideas why this is?..for now im ignoring this but i dont want it to be a major porblem late when my app grows.

          I do however have 2 further questions?

          1)My build path for my project contains all these *.jar files from jboss_home/client. Can I make it easier to add these to my future projects, or do something that will decrease the number i see on the package explorer?

          2)Are there any good Eclipse-Jboss books out there that really teach you how to use these tools integrated. I'm curently reading Eclipse Distilled..which is ok.