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    Richfaces Drag&Drop, Strange Event Issue

    Carsten Tolkmit Newbie


      I am currently experiencing a strange issue with Richfaces Drag&Drop (Version is 3.1.1-SNAPSHOT as shipped with JBoss SEAM 2.0.0.CR1):

      Browser: Firefox as shipped with und running under OpenSuSE 10.2

      I still have to narrow down the error a bit but right now I am missing a clue on where to look:

      Basically all DnD Examples are working in my browser and system as expected. But MY page does not - at least not always ;-)

      I see the following behaviour:

      When I start a drag operation, my custom indicator is drawn and I can drag it perfectly across my entire page. When I enter a DropZone with the mouse cursor, the drag indicator gets updated (changed) only about one of six (1 of 6) times, that is, the "accepted" marker is only shown every now and then, and this makes drag&drop completely useless in my case.

      I have been debugging the page with the Firebug extension quite some time now, and what I see is the following:

      When the dropzone is created, it correctly listens for mouseover (etc.) events and receives those. But most of the time when I start a drag operation, this event listener seems to be suspended or no events are fired for the component. This does NOT happen always, just most of the time (see above).

      Does anyone of you have an idea, what might cause this? I've been trying to understand the complete workings of the associated javascripts, but so far I have found nothing that might cause this issue.

      My "Draggable" items are inside a container with a scrollbar, might it be caused by that?

      I hope you can give me some pointers where to continue looking...

      Best regards,
      Carsten Tolkmit