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    Can not access site outside LAN

    Shoaib Ahmad Newbie


      I deployed my j2ee application in jboss. It is running fine on local computer or LAN but it is not accessable from internet.

      What is the problem?
      Please suggest any solution.


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          Kurt De Wit Newbie


          We need more information to help you solve your problem. Numerous reasons can cause inaccessability from the internet.
          1. What start-up command do you use? Perhaps you bind JBoss to a non-routable IP address by using the -b xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx option.
          2. Otherwise a firewall might be blocking incoming requests at the default port 8080. Check if your JBoss host is available from the outer world, not only port 8080.
          3. Misconfigured DNS might prevent you from resolving your URL to your host machine.
          4. Remote Address/Host Filters might be blocking access to JBoss web container.
          5. ...