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    Migrating Tomcat custom realm to Jboss

    Chiara Gelinas Newbie

      Hi All,

      I am working on getting a Tomcat app (.war) deployed to Jboss (4.0.2). I have got everything figured out except for the realm. I have spent 2 days on it and am running out of options, so I am forced to post. I hope this is the correct location for this question (I am a newbie to Jboss).

      We had the following set up in Tomcat contect server XML File:

      There's a corresponding jaas.config file that the java.security file of the JRE points to.

      I have since tried setting up the new application in login-config.xml as well as added various flavors of the Realm declaration in the server.xml of jboss tomcat SAR (and even removed it entirely). I have added the JNDI name to the jboss-web.xml and also added the realm name to my web.xml.

      Nothing is working -- I'm not even getting errors anywhere in the jboss output or logs (if I were then even that would be information I could investigate).

      Any help is greatly appreciated. If more information is needed to answer, please post back, I will gladly provide it. Thanks in advance :)