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    NPE Error - Please help

    Gary Font Newbie

      Our website keeps going down every couple of days. In the log we get the following, any ideas:

      Thank you very much.

      13:17:39,724 INFO [STDOUT] viewDisplayData.getInDatasPage() 3 fromLimit=0
      13:17:39,724 INFO [STDOUT] viewDisplayData.getInDatasPage() sqlStr=SELECT * FROM indata,pins_2, stations_2 WHERE indata.PinSN = pins_2.PinSN AND stations_2.StationId=pins_2.StationId AND (indata.Date BETWEEN '2006-03-18 00:00:00' AND '2006-04-18 00:00:00') AND UserVisible=1 ORDER BY stations_2.StOrder, pins_2.PinOrder, pins_2.PinSn, indata.Date DESC LIMIT 0,11;
      13:17:41,251 INFO [STDOUT] viewDisplayData.getInDatasPage() End.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      13:17:43,790 INFO [STDOUT] BaseBean: close() Start:
      13:17:43,790 INFO [STDOUT] BaseBean: close() End.
      13:17:49,326 INFO [STDOUT] DataAccess() (1) !!!!!!!!!! startNewConnection=true user.dir=/usr/ngasi/contexts/amci
      13:17:49,326 INFO [STDOUT] DataAccess.getConnection() found 'amci' !!!
      13:17:53,496 INFO [STDOUT] BaseBean: setLog() data=2006-04-17 13:17:53
      13:17:53,497 INFO [STDOUT] BaseBean: close() Start:
      13:17:53,497 INFO [STDOUT] BaseBean: close() End.
      13:17:53,497 INFO [STDOUT] viewUserList2 sqlStr=SELECT * FROM users,firms,roles WHERE users.FirmId = firms.FirmId AND users.RoleId = roles.RoleId
      13:17:53,506 ERROR [[jsp]] Servlet.service() for servlet jsp threw exception