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    Jboss, tomcat and apache web server relation??

    Deep Chand Newbie

      A very basic set of questions:

      Does the JBoss comes with Tomcat Servlet container by default? What about the web server? Does it use Apache web server by default or ? I'm really confused about the relations with these three components. Does Jboss has it's own servlet container and web server that we can use?

      Clustering section of 4.0.3 admin guide discusses how to configure Apache web server with mod_jk to use it as a load balancer/sticky session solution. So, if we don't use Apache web server/Tomcat container then we can't use mod_jk i.e. can we use mod_jk with JBoss only i.e. with the servlet container and its web server?


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          Vishak Shanmugam Pillai Newbie

          Jboss application server comes inbuilt with Tomcat web container. It can be located in the following location.


          In this case of JBoss 4.0.2 its a directory with the name jbossweb-tomcat55.sar. When JBoss is started internally webserver is also started. mod_jk is used to establish tomcat to apache httpd server connection as you said for load balancing , sticky session etc. To deploy a web application [*.war file] it is enough if the war file is placed in jboss402\server\default\deploy\ location of jboss and started. Once JBoss starts successfully this application can accessed using the following url.

          http://<machine name>:8080/<war file name without war extension>