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    Admin Console doesn't work...

    Nathaniel Walker Newbie

      When I open the Admin Console, the applet which supposedly is the menu(?) doesn't work.

      Doesn't work in Firefox, or IE, or Netscape...

      I have multiple versions of the JRE running on my machine(1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6) to facilitate various softwares I have installed; as well as programming tools. It doesn't work with any of them selected as the primary JVM. I run Mustang as my JDK.

      Can't use this App Server if I cannot properly manage it :(

      Pretty sad, it's the lowest footprint AS that I've tested so far. I was pretty excited. Sun's AS uses 3x the RAM that JBoss uses :( And none of my development tools support WebSphere Community Edition :(