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    Is it really impossible to create a web service for JBoss us

    Sascha Sambale Newbie

      I'm starting to get nuts!!!

      I'm an experienced J2SE and J2ME Java developer... but I have huge problems creating a web service using eclipse WTP!

      The tutorials I found are for tomcat... But I want to code for JBoss and not for tomcat...!!!

      There must be somebody out there with the same issues...

      This tutorial works fine for Tomcat...


      But if I do the same with JBoss... it's not possible to incoke my web service method... ok, I thought... just need to check google... BUT I didn't find any solution in the whole WWW. Found a lot of questions of people with the same problems... but no solution! :(

      Still getting that:

      ERROR [EngineConfigurationFactoryServlet] Unable to find config file. Creating new servlet engine config file: /WEB-INF/server-config.wsdd

      I know a little bit what a wsdd does... but isn't it the job of the WTP to create that file???

      I really hope you have some places for me to start, 'cause I don't know anymore places to ask for...

      Maybe this is a JBoss issue... I don't know...

      Or is there a tutorial on how to create a web Service using JBoss IDE?