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    Properties and name collisions

    Don Seiler Newbie

      My org is moving from an environment of many stand-alone java apps to having many apps running under JBossAS. I'm not at all sure how the issue of properties works yet, but I'll describe how things are now.

      Currently all of our apps extend a "BaseApplication" class, which does things like configure log4j and load up a base.properties file that contains common properties for all apps like the database host and name and report user logins and such. Then the apps would load their own application.properties from their install dirs.

      Now could JBoss load up the base.properties file and make it available to all contained beans right away?

      And where do properties files need to go? Can I still specify a file system location, or does it have to be in some dir under the JBoss tree?

      Third, does it make sense to have a common BaseBean class that our individual beans could extend? Right now our BaseApplication class also provides functions to do things like send an email or snpp page or zip a file or ftp a file or read/parse CSV.